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Church Record Scans

Church History

Church Records Scans

Articles of Faith

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  • First
    We believe there is one only living and true God who is Eternal In his being and that they are three in office in the Godhead the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost Who are equal in efsence power and glory and altho three in office yet but one in efsence the Son is Eternal in his being existence Equal with the Father and the Holy Ghost is Eternal proceeding from the Father and the Son and these three are one ever living and Eternal God
  • dly Secon
    We believe that the Scriptures of the old and new Testaments were Written by Divine Inspiration of the Spirit of God and being so written are the only perfect rule of Faith and Practice
  • Thly
    We believe that God Created our first Parents upright yet they did not long abide But did Willfully transgrefs the law of God their Creator In Eating the forbiden fruit By their Sinful Rebellion They fell from their Original Righteousnefs and Communion with God and we all in them become Dead in Sin and Entirely depraved, They being the Root and by Godly appointment Standing In the Stead of all Mankind their Corrupt Nature was conveyed to all their Posterity so that we are all by Nature Children of Wrath the Servants of Sin Subjects of Death and all other miseries Spiritual Temporal and Eternal and by this original depravity we are wholy Indisposed and opposed to all good and Wholly Inclined to all Evil
  • Fouly
    We believe that before the world began God did choose that A number of mankind should be brought into Everlas ting Salvation and that in performance of his Glorious defign he did make a covenant of Grace and Peace with his Son Jesus Christ wherein the Lord Jesus Christ was appoi nted and all spiritual blefsings for them in him as also that their persons with all their Graces are in the hands of Christ and made his care and charge and in pursuance of this

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  • Wonderful defign being accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ is lifted up as the Saviour of all that believe on him and he has sent forth his ministering Servants to preach the Gospel to all the World every creature with their Declaration he believes and is Baptized shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be Damned
  • Fifthly
    We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ being set up from Everlasting as the Mediator of the New Covenant did engage to be the surety of his people and did in the fullnefs of time really afsumed Human Nature in which Nature he did suffer and die as their substitute in their room and stead whereby He made all that satisfaction for their sins which the Law and Justice of God could require
  • Sixthly
    We believe that the justification of Gods Children or believers is only by the Righteousnefs of Christ Imputed to them without the consideration of any works of Righteousnefs done by them and that the full and free pardon of all their sins and transgrefsions past present and to come is only through the Blood of Christ according to the Riches of His Grace
  • Seventhly
    We believe that the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son and he only doth and can make a particular appli cation of the Atonement by Christ to every particular be liever as it is revealed in the word of God
  • Eighthly
    We believe that all those that are Chosen by the Father redeemed by the Son and Sanctified by the Spirit shall continually and finally persevere to the end so that not one of them ever perish but shall have Eternal life.

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  • Ninthly
    We believe that afsurance of Faith is attainable in this Life and that it is a Duty highly incumbent for Believers to Labor after tho, by no means do we look upon Afsusrance to be the efsence of Faith but one of the delightful Effects thereof
  • Tenthly
    We believe that the life of Religion consists In the knowl edge of God and conformity to him in the inward man which necefsarily produceth an External conformity to his Law
  • Eleventhly
    We believe that true believers being united to Christ by Faith have communion with God and by his Spirit are united to each other and have communion one with another whereby they are made partakers of each others Gifts and Graces
  • Twelvly
    We believe there will be a general Resurrection both of the Just and unjust and God hath appointed a day in which he Judge the world in Righteousnefs by Jesus Christ and will reward every man according to his works When the Wicked shall be sent into Everlasting Punishment and the Righteous into Life Eternal
The End of Faith to home

How to Practice

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  • Firstly
    We believe that the visable Church of Christ is a Num ber of his People In mutual agreement Voluntarily and understandingly Covenanting and Embodying together for the carrying on the Worship and discipline of Gods house
  • Secondly
    We believe that Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinan ces of Christ to be continued in his Church and practiced by Believers after his own Example until His Second coming the mode of Baptism to be plunging in water and Baptism before the Supper and Believers the only Subjects
  • Thirdly
    We believe that only Saints can Rightly partake of those ordinances therefore the Door of the Church should be carefully kept against all such as cannot give a Scriptural evidence of their union to Christ by Faith
  • Fourthly
    We believe the Church hath power to choose and ordain such officers that Christ hath appointed in his church name ly Bishops or Elders and Deacons and also depose such officers as evidently appear to walk contrary to the Gospel and to dis cipline their members altho in some such cases it is convenient and Profitable to request the advice and help of Neighboring Churches of Christ
  • Fifthly
    We believe a bishop or Elder hath no more honor to decide any case or controversy in the Church than any other Broth er yet they having superior gifts for teaching and Ruling ought to exercise and Improve the same for the Benefit of the Church and the Church to be subject to the gifts bestowed on the Elder from the Lord while he is rightly acting in his office whose work it is to lead in the actings of the Church and to

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  • Administer the ordinances as Christ had appointed in his Church and devote himself to the work of teaching Warning Rebuking and Exhorting the people Publicly and from House to House
  • Sixthly
    We believe the Deacons office is to take care of the poor and to have the oversight of the Temporal affairs of the Church and to administer at Lords Table
  • Seventhly
    We believe Saints are commanded to be faithful to improve every Gift and Talent that is Bestowed on them in order to which there ought to be such a Gospel freedom that the Church may know where every particular Gift is so that it may be Improved in its proper place and to its right end to the Glory of God and the good of His People and the church ought to be subject to such Improvement and no one ought to go out of the Church to improve without the Fellowship of the Church
  • Eighthly
    We Believe that the first Day of the Week ought to be observed as a Day of Religious Worship and that we ought to abstain from all servile Labor on said Day and to af semble ourselves together for religious and Public worship and the service of God and Exercise ourselves in Prayer supplication with thanksgiving and attend on Preaching and Hearing the word on Exhortation and on Sing ing of Psalms and Spiritual Songs
  • Ninthly
    We believe that the support of the Gospel is an act of Justice and that it is our Duty to support the Minister of the word for if they have served us Spiritual things we think they ought to reap our Carnal things and that we ought to contribute to support the poor of the Church and to bear our Equal part of all necessary expenses that arise in the Church
  • Tenthly
    We Believe that Brethren In Christ that are in solemn Covenant ought not to go to law one with another but

Page 6

  • all their difficulties and differences should be setled by the Brethren in the Church Yet those that are out of the Church may be Proceed against in A Law way if Right cannot be had without
  • Eleventhly
    We Believe that God had Appointed the ordinance of civil government for the Defending of the Poor as well as the Rich in their civil Rights and Privileges and the Magistrates work is to punish moral evil and encourage moral Virtue without touching upon anything that infringes on the consciences of worship of God which belongs only to the Lord Jesus Christ the Great head and Lawgiver of his Church
  • Twelfthly
    We Believe that it is the indispensable Duty of every Saint that is the head of AS family to carry on the Worship of God in their Family by prayer and supplication with thanksgiv ing and Intercefsion and to train up their Children and all com mitted to their care in the Nurture and admonition of the Lord
The end of Practice

The Covenant

  • We do now in the Presence of the Great allseeing and most glorious God and before Angels and men give up ourselves to the Lord Jehovah Father Son and Holy Ghost and avo[w] him this day to be our God and Father, our Saviour and Leader and Receive him as our portion forever we give up our selves unto the Lord Jesus Christ to adhere to him as the head of his people in the Covenant of Grace and rely on him as our Prophet Priest and King to bring us to Eternal blefsed ness We acknowledge it our Everlasting and indispensa ble obligation to Glorify our God by living a Holy religious and Godly life in this present world in all our several places and relations and we do engage by the afsistance of Gods divine

Page 7

  • Spirit to improve all our time strength talents and advan tages for his Glory and the good of our Fellowmen promising by Divine help to walk in our houses with A sincere Heart and to train up those under our care in the ways of Godlinefs and we also give up ourselves to one another in Covenant prom ising to act toward each other in the Love of God and to watch not only against those evils which are reckoned gross but also against all foolish talking and jesting which is not convenient and vain disputing about words and things which gender strife and against disregarding promises and not fulfilling engagements talking and backbiting spending time Idly at taverns or else where and vain unnecefsary worldly conversation on the Lords Day and whatsoever evil that is contrary to sound Doctrine according to the Scriptures promising by God’s help to hold communion together in the fellowship of God and in the ordinances and dis appline of his House according as we are or shall be guided by the Spirit of God in his word expecting that he will yet further and more Gloriously open his word and mysteries of his Kingdom flying to the blood of the Everlasting Covenant for the Pardon of our many errors and Praying that the Lord would prepare and strengthen us for every good word and work to do his will working in us that is well pleasing in his sight through Jesus Christ to whom be Glory forever and ever Amen
The end of the Covenant

New, Galloway Balston Deftrict

Page 8

  • Whereas god in his Great Wifdom and tender mercy has So ordered it that We A number of Baptift Brethrening from Different parts and Different Churches have remov,d Into this land in order to get bread for ourfelves and our Children: And Depriv,d of the opportunity of afsembling and Enjoying Gospel priviliges With the Churches we mov,d from But Defiring the privilege of Chriftian fellowfhip so great that we have Attempted to meet together time and again in Conference in order to gain an Acquaintance With one another At A Conference meeting held at Abraham Warings on the 13th of August AD 1789, the Brethren prefent were Afk,d the Question, on Suppofition We Could be agreed in Sentiment and gain A fellowfhip With Each other Whether they Would be Defirous of Entering into Covenant Relation All Anfwered in the Affirmative and Manifefted A Defire to profecute the Matter. And A Meeting Was then appointed For that purpofe to be held at James Warrens Barn in Galloway on the 25th August AD 1789
  • Met Agreeable to Appointment on the 25th August 1789 Meeting Being Opened by prayer: Propofed to choofe Brother Wait Palmer Moderator for the Day and Brother James Warren Clerk: then it was propofed that Each one of the Brethren & Sifters that had been Baptifed and Belonging to other Churches to Give A Short Narrative of their Experiences [ ] lead to Gospel ordinances in order that A fellowfhip might be gain,d Then Decon James Greenfield Related his Experience
  • Also
    Abijah Peek Joseph Coats Sifter Greenfield
    John Lamb Nath. Keeler    Sifter Keeler
    James Warren Wait Palmer    Sifter Lamb
    Edmun Huit     Elias Stilwell Sifter McMillians
    Thomas Stilwell   Sifter Waring
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