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Reflecting on Calvin's Sermon on Genesis 1-2

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I read Calvin's sermon on Genesis 1-2 this morning, recently translated from French and published by the Banner of Truth. The major thought brought to my attention was how God, high above us and all-powerful, is able to bring order out of chaos. As I contemplate the disarray in my study, books and papers everywhere, so indicative of the need of order in my life, what seems to be an overwhelming task is no problem for my God.

I prayed not only would the Lord help me get more organized, but I prayed specifically for those on my prayer list whose lives are as chaotic as a tangled kite string. I am reminded when God is brought into the picture there is no hopeless situation, only seemingly hopeless situations. God can bring order out of chaos! What a wonderful uplifting, encouraging thought! He is not only able, but willing, How we need to draw near to Him and ask Him to help us.

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