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Finished and just under the wire!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I just completed reading and editing a new book, "Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive" Earl Blackburn, ed. for the ARBCA Publications committee, which will hold a conference meeting by phone in a little over an hour.

In this book are a chapters by Fred Malone, Earl Blackburn, Walt Chantry, and others. It will nullify the supposed assertion that Baptists cannot hold to covenant theology, as many associate covenant theology with infant baptism.

This is the last of many tasks outside of the church and post office that have made for a real time crunch. Tomorrow, I hope that normalcy will return to my daily schedule.

Now I have to put away books and file papers so I can find them. This morning I looked for John Murrary's book on the imputation of Adam's sin and it was not on the shelf were it belonged. It is currently lost in the many piles of my cluttered study. I'm great at meeting deadlines, (I can always burn the midnight oil) but bad about putting things away! Which reminds me of yesterday's post. Hopefully, I will yet see order out of the chaos.

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  • Jennifer Joyce

    Jennifer Joyce

    10 June 2014 at 22:31 |
    Hello Rev. Brandow,
    Great encouragement in your Reflecting on Calvin's Sermon on Genesis 1-2. Wisconsin recently became the fifteen state to have a judgment made against the constitutionality of our Marriage Amendment. I am not even sure how to pray now regarding this. Certainly for God's mercy and that He would "restore our judges as at the first" (the reference at present evades me). We must continue to trust Him in the midst of the chaos too.
    I am Mary Eaton's sister, and she has been telling me about "five star" sermons from your pulpit. Glad to have finally had a moment to find you online. Thank you for your faithfulness, (Nearly forty years there in Galway), and for ministering to my "little" sister too.
    In Christ, Jennifer

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