A Typical Sunday

If you were to worship with us, what is the 11 o’clock morning service like? Coming through the front door you would find a small hallway with the men’s restroom on the left and the ladies’ restroom on the right. Also on the right are stairways that lead to the nursery and a Sunday school classroom. Both these rooms have windows that overlook the church sanctuary below.

Proceeding through the hallway straight ahead you would pass through a doorway into the spacious sanctuary. The building was built in the early 1800s and has a decorated white tin ceiling that gives the room fine acoustical qualities. You will have no difficulty in hearing the sermon in this room. Directly in front of you is a wooden table on which you will find an offering box, the guest book, and the church worship bulletin for the day. Help yourself to a bulletin and please sign the guest book. If you would like to give to the Lord’s work here in Galway, place any monetary gifts in the offering box. We pass a plate to collect only one offering each month and that special offering is taken after the Lord’s Supper for benevolence.

With bulletin in hand, get to know some of the others who have come to worship (you are going to find them to be very friendly), and find a seat.

There is simplicity to our worship. All is geared toward the worship of God. From the lifting up of our hearts to God in prayer and song and the attentive listening to Bible both read and preached, all is done with the aim of getting to know and bring glory to our Triune God.

The order of worship usually uses this format;

  • Welcome and announcements
  • Opening hymn
  • Opening prayer
    (known as the invocation, asking God’s blessing upon our time together)
  • Old Testament Scripture Reading
  • Hymn
  • New Testament Scripture Reading
    (our goal is to read consecutively through the whole Bible)
  • Pastoral Prayer
  • Hymn
  • Sermon
  • Hymn
  • Benediction
    (asking God, in closing, to bless all gathered)
Pastor Wayne at the Pulpit

The pulpit is in the front of the sanctuary and in the center, as the preaching of the Bible so that we might know the will of God is at the heart of our worship. The goal of the preaching is to make the Scripture text clear. Each verse is seen in its larger context. If you want to really know the Bible, then you have come to the right place.

The service lasts between an hour to an hour and a half. You may dress casually if you wish. Children are not a distraction to us, however, we do have nursery facilities for babies and very young children.

I have described for you a little what you will see and experience if you were to come worship with us on a typical Sunday. There is so much more to the Christian life than attending a church service.

The service itself is a way to get to know God. The only way that you can get to know another is to spend time with them in two way conversation. We need to hear God by listening to His Word, the Bible, and we need to talk to Him in prayer.

The service is also a way to get to know other like-minded Christians. There are other opportunities such as a time for prayer (9:30 AM, Sunday morning), Sunday School (10 AM , Sunday Morning), Bible studies, picnics, etc.

We would love to have you visit with us. You do not need an invitation. There is no cost or obligation. Come this Sunday! The Morning service starts at 11 AM.

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